Cromos – outline and color animations v.1.7.0 available on the asset store! Fast outline modes and performance improvement

Cromos – outline and color animations is a set of components that allows users to create easily many types of outline and color animation effects.

What’s new in version 1.7.0 of Cromos – outline and color animations

Cromos - color animations and outlineNew version 1.7.0 is out and available on the Asset Store and brings huge performance improvement and TWO brand new outline modes: Fast Solid and Fast Glow.

These outline modes are extremely cheap and optimized for low-end mobile devices and VR (tested on Samsung GearVR) since they work as post processing effects requiring just 1 blit operation.



Project Page:

Asset Store:

VR support: tested on Samsung GearVR (currently only multipass rendering is supported, but Single Pass Stereo Rendering is in our roadmap).


Complete changelog version 1.7.0:

    • PERFORMANCE: Outline system optimized to work with single render camera + command buffer. It provides better performance.
    • ADD: 2 new outline modes added: Fast Solid and Fast Glow, optimized for mobile and low-end devices. Previous outline modes are now called Accurate Solid and Accurate Glow, optimized for PC and other mid/high-end devices.
    • ADD: It is now possible to switch outline between single game object and whole hierarchy
    • FIX: in some cases the rendered image of outlined object was vertically flipped
    • ADD: new After Transition Actions in Property Animator: DeactivateGameObject (formerly Deactivate), DestroyGameObject (formerly Destroy), DisableComponent, DestroyComponent)
    • CHANGE: PropertyAnimatorEvent moved to a new file
    • FIX: now in FullscreenFade the fade sphere size is automatically computed correctly


Cromos - outline and color animations - outline comparison - fast and accurate outline modes
Cromos – outline and color animations – outline comparison – fast and accurate outline modes

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