Who We Are

Epic Cube is a group of artists and software engineers.

We have merged our skills to create technological and creative products.

Our goal is to help organizations working in Art and Cultural Heritage, Scientific Institutions and Industries to offer to their customers a new experience.

The imagination of people is our inspiration, so we love to use Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Games and Mobile Apps to turn it in real experiences.

Give us a hint to tell a good story.

We want to help you to turn your costumers in your fans.

Our Tecnologies

Virtual Reality

A VR headset isolates the user from the real world, that will live a full immersive experience through a combination of an interactive artificial environment and soundscapes
We classify our VR works in:
VR EXPERIENCE/ it is an emotional guided tour with a very limited interaction with the surrounding environment
VR GAME / an experience where the user can interact with the surrounding environment to solve quests and to advance in a story


Visualization and interaction with tridimensional objects, places and characters through techniques that offer a strong presence effect in the real world.
Hologram images are rendered thanks to special 3D data manipulation and custom optical hardware

Augmented Reality

It is possible to add extra information to the real world, by overlapping computer generated information to real objects.
Augmented Reality can manipulate tridimensional as well as bidimensional objects and sounds that will virtually interact with the real world.
This technology works better on portable device, like a smartphone or a tablet


Mobile apps for both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences and games

Art and Cultural Heritage

We offer innovative solutions for Museums, Archaeological Sites, and Art galleries that simplify and improve the visitor's experience, who will enjoy Art in an easier and effective way.
Virtual Reality experiences and Games allow the user to revive places and events of the past, or to enjoy a masterpiece (e.g. a painting) from inside, involving his emotions and senses.
Holographic stations and Interactive Totems provide information about exhibition spaces and artworks.
Augmented Reality and Mobile apps installed on smartphones and other devices make the visitor experience easier. He will find detailed information about single artworks just by shooting them.
Our solutions are never invasive.
We are convinced that technology should never overcome Art, therefore our solutions add value to artworks and exhibition spaces in order to enhance the visitor experience without tackling art.
Thus, we are able to offer solutions mainly based on wireless and low-wiring technologies.

Science and Industry

Science and Industry allow us to draw fully from all our technologies to submit innovative ways to represent efficiently data coming from Physical, Biological and Mechanical models.
Solutions that we offer are effective for educational purposes, for presentation of models and products, as well as for training and testing of complex systems (CBT - interactive Computer Based Training).
Our goal is to supply highly realistic simulations and interactive systems as easy to use as possible.
They can be used easily and efficiently for presentation, education and training purposes.

Entertainment and Games

We love videogames, and above all, we love to write them. In addition to conventional videogames, we have experience for creating Serious Games and Learning Games.
These products allow to merge game and learning together.
Serious Games are mainly aimed at professionals who must be trained in particular job assignments, characterized by dangerous circumstances, handling of complex tools, and other training contexts difficult to manage in the real world. The user is guided constantly by instructions during the training phases, and it is possible to repeat the training sessions an unlimited number of times.
Learning Games instead, use the game as a complementary tool to facilitate the learning phases in education contexts. In particular, they work very well in schools making history, science and technology more accessible. For both products, we are able to make the most of our technologies and can be integrated with platforms using SCORM standard.


Epic Cube di Alessandro Liberato Maione
Via Carafa 44A, 80040 Cercola - Napoli (ITALY)
P. IVA: 09197721211

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